Hi, my name is Katie. I am 20 years old and live with several chronic illnesses. I’ve never really done this whole blogging thing before but, I’m hoping it will help (1) me to better cope with me illnesses and (2) you guys, whoever you may be, to understand what living with these conditions is like, or to introduce you to illnesses you may not have heard of before or maybe even help some of you who are dealing with similar situations.

I have Gastroparesis, which basically means my stomach doesn’t empty out properly and instead of my food being pushed into my smaller intestine it just kind of sits there for a while until I either throw it up or it finally goes through the digestion process, which for me is very painful. Every day I have chronic pain, nausea and vomiting. I went five years without being able to hold down solid food. Yeah, I know, it sucks.

I also have something called PNES (psychoneurological non-epileptic seizures). This disease causes me to have frequent seizure episodes whenever I experience stress, a high amount of emotion, and sometimes it is just completely random. These seizures vary in what they look like and what they can do to my body. Sometimes I have paralysis episodes where I cannot move or control parts of my body (usually my legs) for extended periods of time. I have gone deaf before, I have gone blind. These are all effects of PNES. I also have more “typical” looking seizures where I shake and my eyes roll back into my head and I go unconscious for a little. those suck. Honestly, they all suck, but those are the worst.

Now another disease I have is PTSD, I don’t know everyone would consider it a chronic illness but I absolutely do. I suffer from flashbacks and just have a lot of deep emotional issues that I have to deal with every day. and my PTSD is a huge trigger for my PNES. so that’s just a double whammy right there.

I try to live a normal life (as normal as it possibly can be) and sometimes that is hard. Sometimes my posts might be a little sad, but that’s okay. I truly want people to understand these illnesses and see how they affect my life. I want this to be something we can all learn from, that includes me. So, let’s go on this adventure together and see what we all can learn and bring awareness to illnesses like these.