Invisible Illness

Hello Beautiful People!

This week, my Gastroparesis flare up has gotten any better. I feel like poop and it takes so much energy to even get out of bed. Some people have been really nasty and I just want to bring this really important subject to light:

    Invisible Illnesses are very real

   The reason that I’m bringing this up is because a few people who I know have decided to discuss my illnesses amongst themselves. They have been saying that my illnesses are “fake” and that I say that I’m sick “for attention”. This is absolutely disgusting. I really wish those people could understand that just because someone does not look “sick” that it doesn’t mean they aren’t. Most of the time if/when I leave the house I’m feeling much better and make sure I look okay. I don’t want to look “sick”, I don’t think anybody wants to look “sick”. These illnesses are not something I would wish upon even my worst enemy. I wouldn’t want anyone else to spend every night throwing up and in pain. I wouldn’t want anyone to seize any time that they felt an overwhelming amount of emotion. Why would anyone make this kind of thing up? I just wish that they would have spent some time with me to see that these things are very real and very scary. Instead I just feel attacked by these people and am really uncomfortable even hearing their names. I feel sad and invalidated. Please understand that invisible illness is a very real thing that affects many people. Never invalidate someone’s illness because you don’t think they look “sick”.


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