chronic illness · gastroparesis

Still Sick

Hello Beautiful People!

I apologize for not posting much recently, but if you have read my past two posts you know that I haven’t been feeling well. I unfortunately, am still sick. At this point I can not tolerate any food and I threw up tea this morning. I am extremely frustrated and in an immense amount of pain. This morning I woke up and my brother made me some tea, i took maybe about 5 sips ( in 5 minute intervals) and all of a sudden felt extreme pain in my stomach and the nausea that I was already dealing with, worsened. I began to vomit. This vomiting episode lasted for 45 minutes straight. I could not hold down anything including water or Gatorade. Obviously at this point I needed to be rehydrated. As of right now I feel a little bit better, but not much. I still have to take one sip of gatorade every five minutes because I cannot tolerate more than that. I am also fighting off another infection that requires antibiotics. These antibiotics need to be taken with food, so this is a problem. I just held down about a quarter of a banana with extreme pain and nausea, but I really need to keep down this medication. I’m waiting for my Zofran to kick in and hopefully feel just a little bit better. I’ve fainted about 4 times today due to dehydration and just lack of any sort of nutrition. I really need to take a shower but can’t stand long enough to do so, therefore I think my mom will have to help me take a bath later on. This is not something I am happy about, all of my independence has been taken away from me the past week because of this illness. I have needed help with just about everything and that’s just so frustrating for me. I am so sick of being sick. This absolutely sucks but I am going to try to stay positive and hope that I will be better soon.


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