anxiety · anxiety disorder · Bad day · chronic illness

The Itches

Today I’m having one of my stranger symptoms.Sometimes when I get really nervous or anxious, I get this horrible itching sensation. This sensation happens all over my body and will not stop, it also comes with some really ugly hives. Not only is it itchy, it is also very painful. It’s kind of like all of my nerve endings are deciding to act up at once. The only thing that has ever worked to stop this horrible feeling is taking a bath with essential oils to help calm my skin. Guess who ran out of bath supplies? Yup, you guessed it, me. So, it seems like I am going to have to suffer through this pain/itch all day and will not be able to stop it. On top of this horrible symptom I am also extremely nervous today, I also feel jittery and just completely on edge. Today is the worst kind of day, a day where I feel like absolute shit but can’t do anything about it. I hate today.


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