anxiety · anxiety disorder · chronic illness · mental illness


I feel like I am constantly stressed out and half of the time I’m not even sure exactly why. Is being chronically stressed a thing? I feel like I can’t ever do anything right, something is always wrong with me. I’m sick, I’m tired, I’m moody. It’s the most annoying thing in the world. Lately I’ve been feeling more affected by it than usual. I feel like everything and everyone that I love is slipping away from me, and that doesn’t even make sense. It isn’t like I’ve lost anyone or that I am fighting with anyone, I just feel like my moods and my constant issues are pushing everyone away. This makes me incredibly sad. This also just my perspective, my moods really could be having no effect on my loved ones or I may not be as moody as I think I am. All of this could literally be happening in my mind and that is so frustrating. I never know if my mind is running away from me and creating scenarios or if it’s actually happening. That’s probably the worst part of it. I’m just having so many feelings that I can’t really identify or figure out. I’m not even sure where they’re coming from or why. Maybe it’s because I’ve had an extremely stressful past few weeks? I guess we’ll wait and see.


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