anxiety · anxiety disorder · chronic illness · mental illness

No Fun Night

So my show is over and everybody is at the cast party tonight. I however, am stuck at home. I feel like absolute crap and I am also having a million panic attacks. I never get worried when my boyfriend goes to parties without me, but today I just have this gut feeling that something is gonna go wrong. I trust him and everything, so that’s not the issue here. I’m not even exactly sure what my issue is, but that’s anxiety for ya. Irrational situations and fears just constantly gnawing at you and playing in your mind. So even though I am not at the party (which would have cause panic attacks because I don’t enjoy drunk people or parties very much) I am still horribly panicky. I feel sick to my stomach and just cannot relax. I wish my brain could just let me relax and go to sleep or something instead of making me think that all of these horrible things are going to happen. Dear anxiety, you suck.


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