Bad day · chronic illness

Using All my Spoons

There’s this thing called the Spoon Theory which basically explains to ‘typically functioning’ people how hard it is for us ‘non-typical’ people to do daily tasks. The “spoons” represent the amount of energy we have, and spending “spoons” is equal to spending energy. Some days you wake up and you have a lot of “spoons” and others, not so much. Today is one of those days where it is only 3:45 in the afternoon and I’ve basically used all of my “spoons” already. All of the energy I had this morning, which wasn’t much to begin with, is basically gone and I haven’t even done much at all today. I woke up and took a shower. I got so exhausted in the shower from standing and washing my hair (I know it sounds ridiculous) that I had to sit down on the floor of the shower to rinse out the conditioner that I had to get out of my hair. I physically could not stand in the shower for longer than 7 minutes. It hurts a lot to do anything today. Standing for more than 5-10 minutes makes me tired, and i need to rest. Moving around a lot is just not an option, and I am extremely frustrated with myself because of this. This morning I didn’t start out with many “spoons” and it’s now 3:51 PM and they’re pretty much all used up.


**NOTE : There is a link to learn more about the Spoon Theory if you’d like to attached**


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